“What’s the point of reading literature” Singapore Writers Festival Panel

SWF cover

I was on the panel with National Institute of Education academics Loh Chin Ee and Suzanne Choo on the topic “What is the point of reading literature?” It was moderated by author and branding expert Koh Buck Song. It was held on 4 November at the Arts House as part of the Singapore Writers Festival. Over 50 people turned up, which surprised me in a nice way.

Deferring to the experts, I didn’t say more than lament that it is only in Singapore that we have to even ask the question posed the title of the panel discussion. In other places, the answer would be self-evident.

  1. Koh Buck Song What’s the point of literature
  2. Loh Chin Ee What’s the point of literature
  3. Suzanne Choo What’s the point of literature

Chin Ee and I had co-written a commentary about the benefits of reading over tuition, and Suzanne was a presenter of a paper with her colleague Angelia Poon at a roundtable discussion on the dire state of literature education I organised with my Institute of Policy Studies colleague Hoe Su Fern and the Singapore Art Museum.



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