Slides: Asian Conference on Education and International Development, Osaka, 28 March 2015 Title: Educational rankings: Towards an Index of Flourishing Education Well-known and much watched international rankings of education such as the International Student Assessment (PISA) and Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) are too narrowly focused to be more than partial assessments […]

PROJECT PROPOSAL Singapore’s Next Fifty Years: The Flourishing Society The first fifty years of Singapore’s independence was devoted to the Government’s survivalist project of transforming the people into workers and obedient subjects. This, it was and is still argued, demanded universal, uniform economy-oriented education and the propagation of personal and societal values that were seen […]

This project seeks to answer these questions: What is a flourishing life? How should we live if we want a flourishing life? What do we need to know and value before even we can start living a flourishing. Is happiness sufficient and necessary for flourishing? Is there only one way to flourish? What is the […]